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Train Tables

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What should you look for in a train table?


We love train tables that are made of wood.  Wood is old but it can also be modern!  It has so many advantages over the alternatives of MDF or particle board.  And, wood has so much more to offer in terms of aesthetic.


All of our play tables are obviously modern in design.  We just love the clean lines and natural feel of Scandinavian designed modern kids furniture.  You will definitely see that in our train tables.


We only carry reliable brands here at Modern Tots, but we have made extra effort to make sure that our train table collection is above and beyond.  We even used to carry several of the brands that you see at the big box stores several years back.  But, we were continually hearing that they just didn't meet our customer's standards.  Almost all of the other activity tables were made of thin 1/2" MDF wood, and even the tables that were made of natural wood were quite rickety because it was just too thin and didn't have the level of craftsmanship need to meet our standards of a high-quality table.  

So, we got with Baxter Mill to develop a new table that had a clean design but was also made with a higher level of craftsmanship.  That is how we ended up with the Birchwood Modern Kids Train Table, and later the high design Arch Train Table.

All of the train tables here at Modern Tots are backed up by warranty, and if anything goes wrong or is damaged in transit, we will send you a replacement part free of charge to you.

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