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Is a Toddler Bed a Good Fit For Your Child?

When your little one begins to test the boundaries of their crib, it is probably time to consider other options. Yet, you may not be sure where to start, as you can either select a toddler bed or a standard bed frame for them to switch over to. Becoming informed about the specific benefits of toddler beds will be helpful as you make your decision, and there are some common questions which most parents have. Therefore, let's cover topics like the appropriate age range for toddler beds, how they can impact your child's sleeping habits and the advantages which they provide over a standard bed in more detail below.

Age Ranges

You may be wondering what ages a toddler bed is appropriate for, and if your child is ready for this next step. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has set forth a standard guideline, that a minimum age of 15 months is required for a child to safely sleep in a toddler bed.(1) You should not attempt to transition your child before they reach this age, but keep in mind that each child progresses at a different rate. You will know it is time to move to another option, when they begin "escaping" from their crib on a regular basis. 

Toddler Sleep Habits

Toddlers oftentimes move around frequently while they are sleeping, creating a risk that they may fall out of a traditional bed. Yet, keeping them in their crib is a poor alternative - especially if they have begun to climb out over the sides on a consistent basis. Fortunately, a toddler bed strikes the perfect blend of both, as it has partial side rails to ensure that your child does not roll out while they are sleeping. 

If your child is especially restless in the night, they may still roll out of bed. Fortunately, a toddler bed is specially designed with this consideration in mind – being built low to the ground for this very reason. If your child were to roll out of a toddler bed, they will not sustain any injuries, which is in stark contrast to a traditional bed with their greater height.

Advantages of Toddler Beds

In addition to the benefits covered above, toddler beds also provide several other advantages over a standard bed. They offer a much smoother and less disruptive transition from crib sleeping and they are sized so that you can fit them in nearly the same space as your child’s crib, taking up less room than a standard bed frame. 
Additionally, you can continue to use your crib mattress and sheets – saving you money as you only need to purchase the frame itself. Finally, with the fun and playful designs available today, this will encourage your child to enjoy crawling into their new bed (and hopefully remaining there for the entire night).

For all of these reasons, toddler beds can be an excellent transitional tool, as you adjust your child to sleeping in a regular bed. Not only will they have partial rails to keep them from rolling out during the night, if they were to do so the low height ensures that they will suffer no injuries. Further, you can continue to use your crib mattress and bed sheets, saving you additional expense. 

Finally, with the fun designs that are certain to capture your child’s imagination, they will want to get in bed (instead of fighting you when bedtime comes). When taken together, these benefits make a toddler bed a wonderful purchase, as they can make the transition from crib sleeping far easier for both you and your child.

We often get questions about children's beds and especially the toddler beds that we carry.  We probably get more questions about this category than any other.  The questions are often about what age a child should move into a toddler bed, or how safe is it should a child fall out of the bed and so on.  Check back with us often and we plan to cover many of these topics on the Modern Tots blog.

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