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Modern kids furniture, decor, and toys

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Modern Style Extended into Kids Rooms.

Moderntots was created to let a new standard of style into kids' rooms. We believe the simplicity and elegance of modern design that we buy for ourselves is perfectly suited to the space in which children eat, sleep, wash and play. Although this space is commonly shared with the rest of the family, the aesthetic and functional lessons of modernism seem to have been lost in this area of home furnishings. Why shouldn't their furniture look as good as the rest of the house?

Our mission is to seek out where these exceptional home goods are being created and to find ways to bring them to you. We network with designers and makers with the highest standards of quality, style, and originality. Their production represents a considerable range of style and price. Some of the products we have chosen push the envelope of modern design, many are contemporary interpretations of pieces every home with a child must have. But all of the products offered at ModernTots are practical, well-crafted, and genuinely beautiful.  

It will be obvious after looking through the site that we are drawn to Scandinavian style and usually prefer wood and natural products over plastic other materials.  We hope you enjoy the collection offered at ModernTots. And if you know of products we should carry, people we should meet, and trade shows we should attend, or if you just want to say hello-please say hello.  Take particular notice of our most popular items that are featured at Modern Tots, the Birch Wood Modern Train Table,  the Zoom Toddler Bed, and our Large Wooden Letters.

Personal Customer Service is Important to Us.

These days in e-commerce, there is an increasing number of stores that have outsourced everything, but we've made customer service an area that we will not outsource. We realize that it's important to save money where possible in this day of frugality, but being to connect with a real live human, can't be replaced. This does mean that we can't be in two places at the same time, and sometimes this means that we'll have to call someone back or it might take us 10 more minutes to return an email, than those guys who send all of their customer service tasks overseas, but that is a fair compromise to get to talk to a person who understands.  So, we ask you to please leave a message if we can't get to the phone right away or, even better use our contact us page to get in touch.

Carmen Scyphers