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About Nurseryworks Furniture

The days of foo-foo and frilly nursery designs are over. Today is the day of modern nursery designs, where minimalists and even just parent who want a cool looking nursery are changing the way nurseries are put together. There are a growing number of urban chic parents in America, and they want hip, cool designs. Nurseryworks furniture designs invented the modern nursery furniture look. They have cool clean lines in their designs that makes for a great urban kids room. This line of furniture is simple in its design, but makes for a great aesthetic.

The Nurseryworks line includes adult rockers, cribs, kids beds and more. The rockers are especially noteworthy in their designs because they are wide enough for a child and a parent, which in our opinion is a great feature for a parent to have. Just think, a rocker where your child can comfortably fit with you in the chair makes the perfect environment for storytime (which happens to be the name of our favorite Nurserworks rocker) and even for nursing. You can create the kind of environment where learning to read and love books is an inviting and loving atmosphere.

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