Gift Guide for 2013 – With Special Offers!


We wanted to share some gift ideas for the children in your life.  These gifts may not be gifts that you would find just anywhere.  We have some great things on our site, but we have also discovered great finds on other sites.  Most of the items are made with natural and eco-friendly materials, wood […]

Review of Tegu Building Blocks


We recently started carrying some fun wooden building toys by Tegu.  We were fortunate enough to try out a set.  These little blocks are so great.  My kids, 3 and 5 yrs. old, love to build things with blocks, legos, etc, but the funnest thing they discovered about these little wooden toys, is that they […]

Balance Bikes Really Do Teach Toddlers How to Balance


Balance bike, glider bike, or run bike, call them what you like, these little bikes which are generally made for small children are great.  I like to call them balance bikes, because they are made to teach small children how to balance on a bike without pedals.  And they really work! We were given a […]

Why I Don’t Tell My 2 yr Old No

temper tantrum

Let me tell you, I have recently discovered a secret in dealing with my 2 yr old, and my 4 yr old as well.  It seems that most children can’t stand to hear the word no.  In fact, as with a lot of 2 yr olds, mine included, sometimes tantrums erupt at the sound of […]

Reading Nook


Our children love to “read” and look at books.  I recently made each child his and her own reading nook in their rooms, and it was a big hit!  They each enjoyed their own little special cozy place to look at their books and have some peace and quiet.  Of course it was great for […]


Sprout Kids Furniture

To hear Clark Davis, the founder of Sprout Kids Furniture talk about their kids furniture, you can hear real passion.  You can tell how excited he is about the furniture that he is making and that he loves doing it.  Clark’s experiences growing up have been put into the creation of Sprout.  Creating is something that […]

Sit On It by Zet – The Tryangle Product Review

Try Kids Bean Bag

We have just recently added bean bags to Modern Tots.  Our first brand to be added is appropriately called Sit On It.  In reality, you can do a lot more than just sit on this variety of bean bag!  They offer pretty large bean bags that you can really lounge and lay down, like The […]

Sodura Kid’s Furniture Design for Quality

Sodura Kids Furniture

Sodura is one of our featured brands here at  We love Sodura not only for their great modern designs, but also because producing eco-friendly, kid safe furniture is important to them.  Sodura is a family business and all of their products are made right here in the USA. Sodura is a very design oriented […]

Welcome to our blog!


Welcome to the Modern Tots blog!  For some time, we’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate our reviews, ideas and opinions of the products that we carry and modern kids style and parenting, in general.  A blog now seems like the perfect way to incorporate all of these different articles into the site […]