Top Reasons For Using an Organic Crib Mattress

What are the top reasons to have an organic crib mattress?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s all about the chemicals. As expectant parents there are so many items and so much baby gear marketed in such a way that you may begin to believe you need it all.  It can be very challenging to […]

Make Good Use of Your Kids Table and Chairs Set With the Right Activities

You’ve found the perfect table and chairs set for your kids, like our best selling Aero Table and Stools by Sodura. It complements the decor in their playroom perfectly, and it’s simply adorable too. All that’s left is for you to come up with some fun activities for them to do that will put their […]

The Story Behind P’kolino

  Founded in 2004 by fathers DJ.B. Schneider and Antonio Turco-Rivas, P’kolino (pronounced PEE-KO-LEE-NO) is a one of the featured brands here at Modern Tots and one that focuses on innovative toys, kid’s furniture, and home decor. The idea for creating  P’kolino began when Schnieder and Turco-Rivas were attending Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts (near Boston) for their MBA studies. […]

The Story Behind ‘Tegu’

Tegu Blocks

Originally founded in 2006 by brothers Chris and Will Haughey, Tegu is a toy company that places an emphasis on eco-friendly practices. While the Haughey brothers’ company is still relatively new, Tegu is gaining notoriety for its unique magnetic wooden blocks and sustainable practices. Chris and Will didn’t plan on running a toy business. About […]

Balance Bikes Kick Training Wheels to the Curb

The balance bike is becoming quite popular, but you may be wondering-is it around for good or is it just a passing fad? Parents and experts alike agree on the fact that the balance bike is here to stay. Many believe it is a far better learning tool than training wheels, and children are able to learn […]

Warning: Your Child’s Furniture May Contain Toxic Chemicals

Do you know what chemicals were used in the manufacturing of your child’s bed and furniture? If you answered “no” to this question, you aren’t alone. The truth is that most parents pay little-to-no attention to the chemicals used in their child’s furniture or how they are made. But alarming new studies are revealing the dangers […]

How To Make a Clothespin Airplane

Looking for an art project to keep your child busy this summer? Using nothing more than a clothespin, two small crafting stick, two large crafting stick, a hot glue gun, and some paint, you can create fun model airplanes. It’s an otherwise simple project that requires just a few basic supplies, making it the perfect […]

How To Create Melted Crayon Kids Art Project

Melted crayon art is a fun kids art project that boys and girls of all ages can enjoy. It involves heating colored crayons on a canvas (or cardboard) to create a brilliant, rainbow-esque piece of art. Once complete, you can display it in your living room, your kid’s bedroom, or practically anywhere else in the […]

Handmade Organic Twin Mattresses – Are You For Real?

organic cotton crib mattress

An Inside Look at the Brand behind the Naturpedic Organic Twin Mattress and Crib Mattress If you have looked around our site at all, then you can tell that we like well made products for our children.  We love modern design and don’t fall for the trends of the day.  One of the things that […]

What is Low Muscle Tone in Children?

Balance beam for kids

Low muscle tone in children is a condition commonly referred to as hypotonia or floppy muscle tone and can be detected as early as infancy. An infant with hypotonia may have slightly bent knees and elbows and may appear limp at birth. As the child grows, he/she may continue struggling with motor, writing and feeding […]