Handmade Organic Twin Mattresses – Are You For Real?

organic cotton crib mattress

An Inside Look at the Brand behind the Naturpedic Organic Twin Mattress and Crib Mattress If you have looked around our site at all, then you can tell that we like well made products for our children.  We love modern design and don’t fall for the trends of the day.  One of the things that […]

What is Low Muscle Tone in Children?

Balance beam for kids

Low muscle tone in children is a condition commonly referred to as hypotonia or floppy muscle tone and can be detected as early as infancy. An infant with hypotonia may have slightly bent knees and elbows and may appear limp at birth. As the child grows, he/she may continue struggling with motor, writing and feeding […]

What To Expect When Moving From a Crib To a Toddler Bed

Toddler Crib Escape

Transitioning your child from their crib to a new toddler bed can be a challenge, as even small changes in their sleep routine can loom large in their world. Yet, this is an inevitable task, as your child cannot safely continue sleeping in their crib once they are able to climb over the railings. Most […]

3 Great Decoration Ideas for the Kids Room

Wall letters at moderntots

We know that as parents, you want the best for your children. That’s why we want to give you the best decoration ideas for your kids bedroom. In fact, we have 3 great decoration ideas for the kids room. Time to spruce that room up! 1 – Large Colorful Printed Rugs Rugs are a great […]

Scavenger Hunts: A Fun and Exciting Outdoor Activity For Kids


As we edge closer towards the summer season, more and more children will be looking for fun outdoor activities to occupy their free time. One outdoor activity that boys and girls of all ages seem to enjoy is a scavenger hunt. It encourages children to explore their surroundings and use their brain to find the […]

Fun Storage Solutions For a Kid’s Room


Do you struggle to keep your kid’s room clean? It’s not uncommon for children to pile their toys and clothes in the corner, resulting in a cluttered appearance that does their room no justice. In most cases, however, this can be avoided by providing your child with different areas to store his or her belongings. […]

Do-It-Yourself Kids’ Bird Feeders


Sometimes it’s the simple bird feeders that prove to be the most effective. Whether you’re looking to attract more birds to your yard, or if you want to keep your child occupied for a while (or both), you should take a look at some of the following do-it-yourself bird feeders. They are fun for children […]

5 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Artistic Expression


There’s an innate drive in children to express creativity. Whether it’s in the form of finger-painting, drawing, coloring or even sculptures, children of all ages love to create artwork. Studies have even shown that children who create artwork have greater self-confidence and improved learning abilities. But how exactly do you encourage a child to express […]

Gift Guide for 2013 – With Special Offers!


We wanted to share some gift ideas for the children in your life.  These gifts may not be gifts that you would find just anywhere.  We have some great things on our site, but we have also discovered great finds on other sites.  Most of the items are made with natural and eco-friendly materials, wood […]

Review of Tegu Building Blocks


We recently started carrying some fun wooden building toys by Tegu.  We were fortunate enough to try out a set.  These little blocks are so great.  My kids, 3 and 5 yrs. old, love to build things with blocks, legos, etc, but the funnest thing they discovered about these little wooden toys, is that they […]